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The truth sets me free from bondage, always

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I was born in New York City by parents who are southerners. So you know two things about me without me writing it...I have plenty of manners and can cook my but off.

I graduated early out of high school and subsequently attempted to go to college and study accounting, but realized this wasn't where I wanted to be at that point in time and at the same time knew someday the idea will resurface and I would return on my own or by force. However, not until I raise my children first, because family is an intricate part of my existence.

Well later on the choices by which I would return to college finally came and unfortunately by force...9/11 devastated nearly everyone and definitely the job market. Aside from this the job market had already began to change as did requirements to receive decent employment. Even the silly, bubble gum chewing, red lipstick wearing secretary required a degree and I wasn't about to let time and its changes bypass me or tragedy prevent me from moving forward. I knew it was now or never back then. So here I go...accept one thing change. I no longer wanted to study accounting or accounting to be my major. Instead it was Business Management.

So I received a Associates degree in Business Administration first, and then a Bachelors in Business Management. This field is suitable for me and fits me quite well I must say. Currently I work with individuals with physical and mental disabilities hoping to move up the ladder, but not so quickly. I'm an infant in the field, so I must learn how to crawl before walking and learn as much as I can before pursuing further. But it's a step.

I enjoy being around honest people and ones I can learn from and don't mind learning from others as well. During one year in college I took bowling and loved the sport ever since. I also enjoy reading and writing and anything that requires analytical thinking. Court television, Forensic Files; Actuality, not Reality; History, and shows of this nature are definitely favorites of mines. I can watch them all day except I work...don't want to get terminated for watching television on job time. Thank goodness for modern technology recorder works fine.

Well, that's about as much as I'm willing to share...anything else might be too personal.

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